Now that I’m officially in my new place I’ve been checking off some projects that need to be done. In my townhouse you walk into the laundry room from the garage. I’ve found myself throwing my keys on my drier or leaving them in odd spots in the kitchen because I have no central location to put them. So I decided I’d get myself a key holder to put by the door leading into the house. I look at Bed Bath & Beyond, Homegoods, Marshalls and all I found were hooks that looked like they hung up jackets rather than keys. Since my hunt for a key holder was a bust, I decided to DIY it. This way I would get exactly what I wanted.

I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts with my 40% off one regular price item coupon and searched the aisles. I found a hanging wood pallet that was the perfect size and color, antique metallic looking letters, and picture frame hooks. In addition, I picked up some black paint. So you will need:

Wood Pallet: $2.99Hanging Wood Palette | C&D Move to L.V. | A great buy for a DIY project

Letters: $1.99 X4

Galvanized Letters | C&D Move to L.V. | Magnetic and easy to DIY

Hooks: $2.99
Picture Hooks | C&D Move to L.V. | Perfect hook for a key

Black paint is optional, but I painted the hooks black because I felt it went better with the aesthetic. In addition, the paint can come in handy for future DIY.  You can also use any hook you want or already have.

Attaching Metal Letters to Wood | C&D Move to L.V. | Super glue works great!

So I first lined up how I wanted my letters to look. Then I used super glue to fasten the letters to the wood. You have to really hold the letters down, since there are little magnets that make the letters slightly raised. However, once the girl dried enough the letters stuck down.

Once the letters were secure, I then began to screw in the hooks directly into the wood. This was super easy to do; these hooks worked great.

Finally I painted the tips of the hooks black and set it aside to dry.

Finished! The project took me about 30 minutes to do. DIY Key Holder | C&D Move to L.V. | So simple and easy to do! If you like this post please make sure to share and pin this post on Pinterest. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest! If you recreate this please let me know by tagging me on Twitter!

DIY Key Holder | C&D Move to L.V.

Written by Cdtolv

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