Since I’m moving to Las Vegas this upcoming Sunday, I made my bujo theme for this month Las Vegas! I hope you enjoy this plan with me and if you do please make sure to share and pin this post! Also make sure to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

August Bullet Journal Cover Page | C&D Move to L.V. | Plan With Me| Check out the twist to the Las Vegas sign for an awesome cover page.

For my August cover page I made it the famous Las Vegas sign. As always, I draw out my design first in pencil. Then I outline with my sharpie art pens. If I think I need to, then I fill it in with my Tombow dual brush tip pens. I thought the twist on the Las Vegas sign was a cool design and it excites me for this new chapter in my life.



I like having a calendar view each month so I can visualize what I have to do by the end of the month. This month is a simple and minimalist layout because this is my first month in my first Lechtturm 1917, so I am still adjusting to the size.  In order for me to get the most out my Bujo and plan properly, I’ve found having a calendar to refer back to in addition to my horizon is most effective.

August Calendar | C&D Move to L.V. | Plan With Me | August is going to be a busy month!

Mood Roulette | C&D Move to L.V. | Plan With Me | A sin city themed mood tracker

For my mood tracker this month, I got creative. I wanted to stick with the Las Vegas theme so I adapted a Roulette table to be my mood tracker. This took me awhile since I wanted it to mimic the table as much as possible. Drawing the numbers like the typical Roulette font took the longest amount of time. Although it’s not perfect, I’m really happy with how it turned out.


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August Bullet Journal Plan With Me | C&D Move to L.V.

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