About Us

Hello and welcome to our journey!

Chris and Danielle have been dating since January 2014 and are moving into our first place together. Our new home just happens to be 2,200 miles away from the only home we’ve ever known. In an exciting, yet scary move, Chris and Danielle are moving to the fabulous Las Vegas to pursue a career opportunity.

Danielle is in the process of becoming a college professor and Chris is a civil engineer. We met through mutual friends at a college party and have been inseparable since. Danielle is 24 and Chris is 25 –both summer babies.

Chris comes from an extra-large Irish, Italian and German family and Danielle has been raised by a bunch of crazy, yet lovable Italians. Hence, food is a huge part of our lives. We love to cook ourselves, but we also enjoy dining out.

Danielle has been obsessed with beauty since she became addicted to Youtube in 2015. Chris occasionally enables Danielle’s makeup addiction, but mostly reigns her in!

Living away from our parents for the first time has made us want to be conscious about our spending and how we live our life. You’ll see a bunch of DIY, money management, and meal planning posts. In addition, Danielle is an avid Bullet Journaler, so she will be posting about planning and journaling and how it keeps her centered, motivated, and productive. Chris has always been a health nut and Danielle…well  not so much. We will be sharing how we stay healthy and in shape.

Chris loves technology and gaming. He is constantly on the lookout for the new and best products at the best price. He plans on starting a Youtube channel dedicated to gaming and new tech products.

Finally, we will be documenting our move. Packing, decorating, shopping, and the dreaded 2,200 mile drive.

We hope you enjoy this journey with us!